Christina River Dene Nation Council Traditional Land Use Study in Part with TEK-TLU

(Grand Rapids Pipeline Project)

From August 26th to August 29th the Christina River Dene Nation Council had a review of the TEK-TLU study on Grand Rapids pipeline that is proposed from Ft. McKay, Alberta.

The Christina River Dene Nation Council, TERA Environmental, and Tanscanada Pipeline Project had 25 elders and some youth take part to be interviewed, and to review maps for the pipeline route on our traditional land where the pipe line is planned for.

On the final day of the study, August 29th, we have a four seat helicopter take the 25 elders for a tour of the Grand Rapids Pipeline route along Hi-way 63 and back to Janvier!

Everyone had a fantastic trip!

For all the participants that supported Christina River Dene Nation Council on the TEK-TLU map review/interviews, Thank you!

On behalf of the Christian River Dene Nation Council’s board of directors Darrell Herman, Rose Marie Herman, Rose Susan Herman, Corona Janvier and CEO Marvin McDonald and it’s President, Almer Herman.

Thank you.